Escrow Services

Our services guarantee the release of funds to the entitled party upon fulfillment of contractual obligations in a business or investment transaction. Funds are released within 48-72 hours, and are subject to the bank’s processing time. Escrow accounts available in USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, HKD, AUD, NZD, AED, ZAR and XCD.


We offer three escrow services to protect your financial interests.

Cross Border deals

We hold international escrow for:

  1. Business acquisitions
  2. Real estate transactions
  3. Mergers & acquisitions

Debt Capital Markets

We issue escrow solutions for corporate and private equity entities issuing bonds or receiving loans

  1. Hold interest payments as agreed
  2. Make payments to lenders or to bond trustees
  3. Release payments for purchase or return funds if transactions are not completed
  4. Good faith deposits


Escrow for holding funds on behalf of the defendants, related to a class action worldwide, for further disbursement to the class members of the settlement.

These services are subject to proper KYC/AML procedures.

How does it work?

Case Study 1: You intend to buy a property in Panama, with funds currently located in Europe. You sign an Escrow agreement with SVTE for that purpose, and once our due diligence requirements are satisfied, you can deposit the funds into our escrow account. Once you confirm the details of the property and provide us with the contact information for your realtor or attorney, along with a copy of the purchase agreement, SVTE can release the funds by international wire transfer according to the terms of the purchase agreement.

Case Study 2: You and your partners intend to acquire a business company in Singapore, with funds sourced from USA and from South Africa, but cannot release them until the proper due diligence and contracts review are approved by your advisors in Singapore. After retaining SVTE for Escrow, and KYC due diligence is approved, we receive the funds to hold them in escrow until the purchase transaction is confirmed and executed, after which we release said funds to the sellers.

Case Study 3: An American couple is divorcing and have disputes regarding the division of their marital property assets, which includes large amounts of funds deposited in their bank account. While they settle on it, on the best interest of their children, they retain SVTE to structure an Escrow account for release upon a proper agreement is arranged, in a 6 month estimated timeframe. Ultimately, they also set up a SVG trust for the physical assets they hold, having as beneficiaries their children.

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