Fiduciary Services

St. Vincent Trust & Escrow is licensed to offer fiduciary services such as custody of all kinds of long-term assets and of services that require an authorized custodian with fiduciary responsibility.

We owe a duty of loyalty, care and full disclosure to our contractor and guarantee a long-standing, ethical and transparent relationship with our clients that will exceed their desired business goals.

Director/Shareholder Representation

Our fiduciary duties for our representation services will reflect a relationship of trust and loyalty to our contractor. We will inform and educate with respect to decision-making obligations, provide direction and act in the best interests of our client.

Trustee/Council Representation

For the Trustee and Council Representation services we act in the best interests of the beneficiaries by maintaining transparent management and records of additions, distributions and expenses of the assets trusted.

Documentation Custodian

For our Documentation Custodian Services we responsibilize for the security and safekeeping of any type of legal documents trusted to us by individuals or corporations, such as trust accounting, tax reporting or loan documents.

Estate Planning

For our Estate Planning Services we will plan and implement the best structure to effectively manage, protect and distribute our clients’s wealth in the way they want. We will assist with the estate settlement to provide an orderly transition of the assets from one generation to the next.